The butterfly house.

ON Friday I went to bter fligh (butterfly) hows. Next I looked at the mercats they was byooteefu (beautiful) and flufee  (fluffy) then wefet cery (fetched Kerry) a xpert at lookin afta neemuls (animals) . forth we went to eet diner it was deeliers (delicious) fitn (fith) I  went  to the part show after that i went home. Thomas.

My Holiday

First I had my dinner at 1:pm.Next I got in my car. To the airport. I had to wait along time. when I got on the plane it took three hours to get to malta. when I got there I had to go state to bed.










The butterfly house

ON FRIDAY WE WENT ON A BUS TO THE BUTTERFLY HOUSE FIRST I WENT IN THE BUTTERFLY HOUSE. NEXT I SAW SOME AWULS (owls) FLYING. AFTER THAT I HAD LUNch. then I saw some meeacats was happy . then I saw the bird. Shoa. then we went on the bus I had a nies (nice) day.

The butterfly house

First I went on a bus to the tropicl butter fly house. After that I gone to the lunch place I just put my lunch there. Then I got out the lunch water scrarted me! I went to the zoo kind of place. We got to stroke and hold the coctroch I think it was that. Then we went to the lunch place agen we et lunch there. I et a sandwitch and a kitkat  I also drunk a vimtoe flaverd drink. Then  I went to the loo. Then we went to the playground . Then I went to the bird show. Then I went on the bus back to school .

The Butterfly House

On Friday I woke up rilee  erlee (really early) because we were going  to the  butterfly hose. Ferest  we went  onto the dubul decer bus (doubledecker bus). wen we got to the butterfly howse thay were alot  of buterflyes.

The butterfly house

On     friday       we  went   on  a  school tchrip (trip)  to  the  butfli house   we  sur  los  of butfliys    it   was   verey   sbeeke (spooky) afterthat  we   went  bake  and   had  awer (our)  luch  then  we  went  to  play  and   we  wosht   the   show    and  we  went   bake  on  the  bus .

Our trip to the Butterfly House

FERST WEEY  WENT  TOO   SEE  PRITIE  DUTAFLI (Butterflies)  THEEN  WEEY  HOLB  SDUFE  (held stuff)  AFA THAT   WEEY  HAD   fun  next  weey  went  on the   poc (park)  it  was rili fun  afdo  (after) that   weey  wosd (watched) parit sho (parrot show) then  got  to sgool .